The deliverables and the respected deadlines are presented below:

WP Deliverable number Deliverable name Lead beneficiary Type Dissemination Level Due date (deadline)
WP1 D1 Project Management Plan UOP R SEN 31 Jul 2022
WP1 D2 Internal Reports UOP R SEN 31 May 2025
WP2 D3 Analysis of Training in Bioeconomy in farming sector TERINOV R PU 28 Feb 2023
WP2 D4 RELIEF Curriculum TERINOV R PU 31 Mar 2023
WP3 D5 Training Material UAc DEC PU 31 Dec 2023
WP3 D6 Training and Assessment Methodology OTC R PU 31 Oct 2023
WP3 D7 Report about accreditation and training provision UOP R SEN 31 Dec 2023
WP4 D8 E-learning courses with online learning units, gamified resources, videos ReadLab
P.C. DEC PU 29 Feb 2024
WP4 D9 E-learning platform pilot testing report UOP R SEN 30 Apr 2024
WP5 D10 Report on implementation of the piloting testing OTC R SEN 31 Dec 2024
WP6 D11 Quality Assurance Plan UNIFI R SEN 31 Jul 2022
WP6 D12 Evaluation plan and tools UNIFI R SEN 31 May 2024
WP6 D13 Internal evaluation reports UNIFI R SEN 31 May 2025