Sister Projects


BOOST is a 36M Erasmus+ Project started on September 15, 2022. The BOOST consortium consists of 16 partners from 7 countries (Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Slovenia). BOOST aims to boost agribusiness acceleration and digital hub networking by providing a sophisticated training program for the application of sustainable Precision Agriculture (PA) methodologies on management, agripreneurship, marketing, networking, and digital transformation delivered through an innovative educational and networking platform.

The project has a circular architecture, starting with a training needs assessment and ending with the evaluation follow-up of the implementation phase, which will permit for foresight analysis and critical improvement steps before the launch of the next cycle of the PA educational module or before the application of this model educational package to other sectors. This structure will ensure that the educational course proposed is dynamically evolving according to current trends, needs and skill mismatches.


TANGO – Training A New Generation Of farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs to implement the concept of Circular

Tango aims to:

  • train new generations of farmers in the circular economy
  • management of the waste farms’ produce
  • use materials (waste) more circularly
  • train farmers to understand the importance of sustainability and implement these materials (waste)
  • upscaling previous good practices. Biomass and waste valorisation was the main elements tackled by these two projects.


GAEA – Granting Access to Employment & Entrepreneurship in Agriculture for women

GAEA aims to:

  • map the needs of the target groups and deliver a holistic training model based on the needed competences of the target groups
  • develop innovative and multidisciplinary training resources for the creation of 2 curricula (HE EQF6 and VET-EQF5 level)
  • develop training material for professionals’ training (VET trainers) and training material for micro-credentials training aiming to HE students, HE graduates, professionals in business consulting, agronomists etc.
  • deliver an innovative mobile app to be used by target groups and various other related stakeholders for skill profiling helping young female agripreneurs to create a valid skills profile connected with the ESCO skills categorization. This will enable women agripreneurs to promote new professional pathways and tailored career counselling, and provide guidance and mentoring for women in rural areas by linking training and educational contents to skills that can be easily understood by the labor –market.
  • deliver a digital platform in the form of a one-stop shop. The platform will be an interactive locus, source of knowledge, networking facilitation, workshops, webinars, exchange of good practices etc.
  • implement an Innovation Bootcamp consisting of an intensive 3-day training course with the participation of trainers and trainees from all partner countries utilizing the resources developed from the project
  • form communities on national level amongst stakeholders, local authorities and trade unions in order to start local dialogues for bringing suggestions for policy formations
  • extend the dialogue on a European level in order to involve stakeholders on a European level and promote policy reforms in order to establish common policies with regards to women in agriculture.


I-RESTART – Inclusive REskilling and UPskilling Toward competitive Agrifood and veterinary sector: European agenda Strategy

I-RESTART aims to:

  • reskilling and upskilling the workforce in the agrifood and veterinary sectors,
  • retrain the employees leaving the heavy industry to hire them in the agrifood sector
  • engage some students that want to enter the agrifood labor market and improve their digital skills and facilitate the transition to the Green Deal initiative
  • facilitate the inter-sectoral and intergenerational skills transfers through the adoption of an innovative micro-credentials methodology and the work-based learning experiences that will provide inclusive, flexible and engaging work-based patterns with mentors while opening the ecosystem also to external workers