Work Packages

RELIEF will follow a phased, sequential approach and a typical work breakdown structure to the development of project outputs and outcomes and will be based on principles and processes of well-established methodologies of project management. A work package management process will be put in place for this purpose. Each WP will have its leader (WPL) who will be in charge of planning, implementation, progress monitoring and reporting the implementation of the activities foreseen and the deliveries. 

 WP1 Project Management and coordination,  University of Peloponnese (UOP) 

WP2 RELIEF Training Approach Analysis,  Terinov Azores 

WP3 Development of the RELIEF training material, methodology, assessment and accreditation, University of Azores (UAZ) 

WP4 Design of the RELIEF e-learning environment and gamified resources, ReadLab 

WP5 Piloting testing and evaluation of the training material and methodologies, Olympic Training and Consulting (OTC) 

WP6 Quality assurance, evaluation and impact analysis, University of Florence (UNIFI) 

WP7 Communication, dissemination and impact exploitation, CESIE