Relief, along with 10 other EU-funded projects, is a promoter and member of the Rural Bioeconomy Alliance (RBA), a new initiative launched to support knowledge exchange and adoption of bioeconomy principles in the rural sector.

The RBA is driven by a number of key objectives. First, it aims to accelerate the development of the bioeconomy sector in rural areas. This involves the study, development and analysis of success stories, best practices and pilot initiatives in the bioeconomy, with a focus on increasing the adoption of circular bioeconomy concepts. The RBA is committed to promoting the widespread adoption of circular bioeconomy principles, recognizing their potential in driving sustainable growth and resource efficiency in the context of Europe’s rural areas. In addition, the alliance places great importance on knowledge sharing, ensuring that project results are widely disseminated for the benefit of funders and the broader bioeconomy community. To further support these efforts, the RBA actively engages in outreach activities to effectively communicate the importance and impact of the bioeconomy in rural society.

The Rural Bioeconomy Alliance serves as a collaborative platform for discussion of policy recommendations to the European Commission (EC), with the goal of shaping the future of the bioeconomy in Europe. Through this collective effort, RBA members can accelerate the progress of circular rural bioeconomy initiatives within the European Union, contributing significantly to a sustainable future.

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